Self Directed learning through exploration and community. 

Lilac ALC is an inclusive agile learning co-op serving homeschoolers in California's Central Valley. Our mission is to provide an all-inclusive, secular, collaborative, self-directed educational and enrichment experience for learners from K - 12th grade by inspiring and engaging the entire person, holding space for emotional and intellectual growth, and growing and connecting as a community. We focus on equality, exploration, critical thinking, community outreach, child led learning and mutual respect. 

We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2021. 



Community Days: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays September through May
Lilac community members meet at a predetermined location for set the day, community check in, and intention setting. From there we break into groups based on the learners chosen activities. These activities may involve going to different locations. Learners engage in activities that are offered by trained Agile Learning Facilitators (ALFs). These educational offerings include, but are not limited to, engineering challenges, science experiments, literature circles, arts and crafts activities, permaculture, video and audio production, drama, math instruction, field trips to local museums and other locations for history studies, social justice causes, current event discussions, and nature studies. Our learners imaginations are the only limit. Learners and Facilitators work together to find resources to deepen the learners’ knowledge in their various areas of interest. Family members are active participants at Lilac and are encouraged to facilitate offerings to share their areas of expertise with the community of learners. At Lilac, homeschool families join together to create opportunities to learn from one another, curriculum, hands-on projects, family field trips, online resources, and local experts. Students set their intentions each morning, sharing what they are going to be working on, what offerings they will attend, and/or their plans to learn a new skill that day. These intentions are recorded in writing and shared verbally in a morning small-group meeting facilitated by an ALF. At the end of the day, students reflect on their day of learning and share with their small groups and facilitators what they learned and what they plan to work on in the following days/weeks. These morning and afternoon meetings foster students’ practice of engaging in cycles of learning (i.e., setting of intentions, creation, reflection, sharing).



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